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so... music ... eh?

i've never really posted too much in here, just the occasional comment here and there. so i think it's time for change.

music:... i love it. listening, playing, writing. everything. music is sweet. i spend the most of my day playing guitar or piano, occassionally drums, when available. *if only my parents would let me keep my drumset at my house* . i couldn't tell you my favourite band. i love too many different styles of music to pick a favourite. i'm an odd one, i can tell you. my itunes playlist has some pop music, followed by some metalcore music, followed by punk, followed by acoustic rock (i love acoustic guitars), followed by rap.. everything. my friends laugh at me, but it's too much fun. i love music.

i was in a band (before i quit of course :P) and that really opened my eyes to the music out there and what music really is. it has nothing to do with being cool, which i find too many people think that. that really makes me mad as well. music is, for me at least, a way to express my feelings and my views on this world. i hate it when people write music about their girlfriends breaking up with them, and them wanting to slit their wrists for it. it makes me sick. i write most of my songs on the world, what it's like, fighting the hard times, etc. it's really fun. helps me to express myself and it's an easy way for me to talk about what is usually on my mind. how corrupted the world is. it seems so much more useful than writing about a broken heart and looking for pity.

which leads me to my next point. the term "emo" really makes me sick. people make it seem like "emo" music is about sadness and heart break... but what about anger? hopefulness? happiness? etc. aren't those "emo"-tional? i thought they were. they're emotions aren't they? so why can't they be emo? it doens't make great sense to me.

one more thing i find sickening is the large population of people who follow everything the media tells them, about music, about being cool. it's stupid. they all think this is "cool." obsess over a band, but truthfully, it's more like ur obsessed with a song you heard on the radio. and then the radio will over play and EVERYONE will think they're cool cause they listen to one song.

i'd like to write more, but htis is long enough i think, and i'm being forced off to bed. leave some comments or questions if you're interested.

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