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The New Girl

Yeah, I'm new. My name is Lindsay, and there isn't much to tell about me. I'm 20. I live in Chicago, and I pray nightly. I also have come across some hard times, and I'm trying to look to Him more for help rather than solving things myself and screwing them up even worse. He has always helped me before, and I'm hoping I don't sound like a whiney little girl to Him.

Recently, I've been to a pro-life convention in Evansville, Indiana, where Rebecca St. James preformed a few songs, including "Wait For Me." She signed my t-shirt. I am so blessed to have met her. She is amazingly nice, you guys.

Sadly, my hard times includes lack of funds. I'm wondering if my money problems can be to your advantage. I'm

This is the entire shirt.
Image hosted by

And this is a close up for those of you who want to read what it says. "Established 94' Rebecca St. James."
Image hosted by

And finally, the best part of the shirt, the AUTOGRAPH. She's signed it with a verse from the bible. ROM 12 stands for Romans 12:12.
Image hosted by

Finally, I am asking $40 or best offer. I bought the shirt for $20, and the autograph must be worth something! (I hope.) Contact me at, or this journal, with your offer.

Have a great night.
Be blessed.
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