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Random thoughts

Hello..i haven't posted before so i'm just gonna give ya my thoughts and i'd like to hear yours about this. Ok i'm like a total Relient K freak fan. lol they are really cool and i love them and listen to them non stop. So on their latest cd "MMHMM" does it seem to u like they are singin less christian things? it seems they are going more neutral in a way. i'm part of a relient k lovers community and this was recently brought up with the christians and non christians. In a way im dissapointed but i still really like the songs. i hope im gettin my question Ok does it seem to u like they are moving away from the christian things to go more neutral to get more fans? or is it just time for a change for them so thats why its seems this way? i hope i didnt confuse sry its hard to get the question the way i want it! I'd love to hear what u got to say!

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