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Music Lab for Christian Listeners

The Music Lab for Christian Listeners
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Music is some powerful stuff. Especially nowadays, we Christians have to watch out to what we're listening to. There are some songs where the lyrics are encouragable and the lyrics are uplifting, but there are others that have sexually explicit content.

While those are easy to tell whether it's healthy for a Christian's walk with God, others are not so. Here, we can encourage one another to listen to the right type of music, or question lyrics.

This is a community for Christians to talk about secular and non-secular music. Members can come and ask questions, talk about lyrics and just hang out around music.

Members can also post icons they think are appropriate to the site.

Yes, the name of the community was bit off of AirOne's MusicLab, but seems like LJ needs one too.

Here are the rules for joining:
1. Keep all contents PG-13, I'd greatly appreciate it if all contents are kept even G.
2. When discussing a certain piece, please do not turn it into an arguement. If a certain topic gets heated, you may bring it outside of LJ and into AIM or MIM.
3. You may join even if you are not Christian, but interested in Christian music, but keep in mind that discussions will include Christian content so please don't discriminate.
4. Don't discriminate. ^^;;

If anyone is caught breaking these rules, they will receive 3 warnings before getting kicked out of the community.

Have fun, and God bless.